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Council documents

The Parish Council publishes Agenda and minutes for all meetings, which are open to the public. Copies of the Parish Council minutes are available upon request from the Clerk to the Parish Council.


Recent documents may be found in the publications library, and are available to download in PDF format. Older documents will be held in the Archive section. Click on Library to Access Documents



Are published at least 3 days before a meeting, but generally 5 - 7 days in advance.



Minutes are published in 2 forms:

  • DRAFT - which are un-approved versions for information only. They may be altered or corrected before approval.
  • FINAL - Once approved by a subsequent Council meeting, these minutes become a definitive record.



All financial transactions of the Council are open to scrutiny, and the annual accounts are subject to both internal and external audit.

A copy of the Grant Aid policy can be found here


Standing Orders

The Council has a number of long term papers, reports and documents which are reviewed and updated from time to time. A copy of the Parish Standing orders can be found here

History of Beating The Bounds Of South Brent

Ken Smith has produced an excellent History of this.

Click here to download it. NB You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to read it.

Other Documents

South Brent Conservation Area Appraisal - 2006

The Dartmoor National Park Authority have published, for comment, a review of the conservation area in South Brent, including proposals for 2 extensions to the area:

  • To include Station Yard, the Signal Box and old Goods Shed.
  • To include Mons Terrace and Masonic Lodge


The full document (4.5Mb PDF file) may be downloaded here

Parish Chairmen & Chairwomen

A copy of the roll of Parish Chairmen and Chairwomen is available here.

Tree Protection Orders

A map showing the location of all TPO'd trees, as of December 2005, is available here.



Freedom of Information


Details relating to access of information regarding Parish Council matters can be found by clicking on the link above

Village Design Statement

The Village Design Statement for South Brent was finally published in May 2007.

The document provides guidance for developers and the Planning Authority proposing to build in the Parish.

Printed versions are available from DNPA and the Parish Council, or it can be downloaded as PDF document from here:

Document Cover (900Kb)

Village Design Statement (9Mb)